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Tohkon Ryu Ju Jitsu

Tohkon Ryu Ju Jitsu offers the following safety education & Self Defence Training programs and classes.

Personal Safety Education & Self Defence Training 

A Tohkon Ryu Self defence course can build and install confidence and awareness. The outward projection of this elevated state of confidence and awareness is enough in many instances to prevent and de-escalate potential violent situations..... Read more about Self Defence Training

Aggressive Person / Patient Management Training

The violent person/ patient management course has been specifically designed to meet the needs of healthcare professionals when aggression control methods are required. This course provides aggression management and violence de-escalation techniques; it provides conflict management tactics, last-resort control and restraint techniques, with backup self defence strategies and tactics...... Read more about Patient Management Training

Personal Safety Education & Self Defence Training for Corporations & Service Providers.

Attacks on staff are proven to have an effect on morale in the workplace. Does your organisation value their employees? Are you, the employer, concerned with the safety of your staff? Is commuting to and from the workplace a safety concern? Do your employees work late? Does your staff meet with clients at remote locations? Is there a risk of valuable staff members being lost as they leave to seek out a more secure and safe work environment?...... Find out more about Corporate Training for your organisation

Travel Safe Defence Strategies and Techniques

Transit areas moving between home and work, entering car parks, stairwells and elevators are areas we are most vulnerable to attack. This course provides awareness and avoidance strategies that will assist greatly with your travel safety. We move through high-risk and low-risk transit areas every day use just by going about our daily routine....... Read more about Travel Safe Defence Strategies and Techniques

Low-impact Self-defence Program

Self-defence training should be important to the older members of our community for bullies and predators are usually cowards and they prey on what they perceive to be "weak targets" like the elderly. The human predator wants an easy conquest more info. He will seek out those he perceives as weak, submissive and unwilling to put up adequate resistance. Self-defence knowledge reduces fear, builds confidence and reduces one's victim potential. Persons perceived vigilant with the potential to resist [not fight] discourage victim selection........ Read more about Low-impact Self-defence Program

Control and Restraint Program

Tohkon Ryu has over the years had a large number of police, security, ambulance and correctional officers involved in training programs. Our courses have also been of benefit to health, hospitality and airline personal.

Control and restraint techniques are often bypassed in favour of more aggressive techniques that don't comply as well with "use of force" guidelines, because security personal are not confident in using control and restraining tactics......... Read more about Control and Restraint Programs

P.C.Y.C. Ju JItsu coaching children, teenagers and adults

Police Citizens Youth Clubs provide a safe, controlled environment for Ju Jitsu training.The benefits of Ju Jitsu include improved fitness, coordination, body movement, posture, self-confidence and respect for others. Self-defence arts such as Ju Jitsu are not taught to encourage young people to become involved in conflict. Ju Jitsu often allows a non-violent way out of a potentially violent situation with the use of passive resistance techniques, as well as providing effective methods of self-defence when a physical means of defence is a necessity......... Read more about P.C.Y.C Ju Jitsu Classes

Protective Behaviour for Children

•    Playground safety
•    Assessing appropriate defence strategies
•    Abduction defence techniques
•    Assertiveness training
•    De-escalating techniques
•    Confidence building techniques......... Read more about Protective Behaviour for Children

Protective Behaviour and Self defence Programs for Schools

Tohkon Ryu Ju Jitsu and Self Defence Training Systems has been servicing the needs of the education community ,conducting self-defence classes in colleges, high schools and universities in Brisbane and Ipswich areas for the past thirty years......... Read more about Self defence Programs for Schools