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Protective Behaviour for Children

•    Playground safety
•    Assessing appropriate defence strategies
•    Abduction defence techniques
•    Assertiveness training
•    De-escalating techniques
•    Confidence building techniques

Protective Behaviour for Children



1.    Protects against playground injuries.
(a)  Teaches how to fall                    
(b)    Enhances co-ordination.
( c)  Teaches balance retention skills

2.    Builds confidence, character and self control                                                                                     
Confidence itself provides a strong deterrent in many confrontations.
Enhances one’s ability to stand up to negative peer pressure.
A confident child does not feel the need to bully or show off to other children

3.    Conflict resolution skills.

Resolve conflict before it escalates into physical violence.

4.    Boundary setting.

Setting firm boundaries with voice and body language.

5.    Awareness training
(a)    How to identify and avoid potential dangers.
(b)    When and how to use physical defence against an attacker
(c)    Children have very good instincts. This course can teach the child to trust their own instincts. 

Protective Behaviour for Children


6.    Use of voice in self defence
(a)    Assertiveness training.
(b)    Use voice as a barrier

7.    Attention span enhancement.
(a)    Improved self discipline and concentration can assist in academic study.
(b)    Improved attention span and focus.
(c)    Enhanced retention rate, helps improve concentration and focus ability in school.

8.   Provides essential self defence skills

(a)    Escapes and defences from grabs, pushes and strikes.
(b)    Abduction awareness
(c)    Provides defences to bullying and verbal assaults

Protective Behaviour for Children

9.    Enhances travel safety
(a)    Walking.
(b)    In public and private transport.


Protective Behaviour for Children