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Control and Restraint Program



Tohkon Ryu has over the years had a large number of police, security, ambulance and correctional officers involved in training programs. Our courses have also been of benefit to health, hospitality and airline personal.

Control and restraint techniques are often bypassed in favour of more aggressive techniques that don't comply as well with "use of force" guidelines, because security personal are not confident in using control and restraining tactics.

Most confrontations are with unarmed offenders and do not require a violent or armed response. Negotiation, reason and logic may not be successful because most people are not rational and logical in stress situations. Techniques of leverage, pain compliance and motor dysfunction may be successful when lower levels of management are not and where higher levels of force are not appropriate or not within legal boundaries.

Control and Restraint

Tohkon Ryu teaches control and restraint procedures that are tactically correct and require a low degree of forceful application to be effective. Control and restraint techniques involve a low degree of injury potential to both the practitioners and receivers of the techniques. Tohkon Ryu teaches methods of restraining and escorting individuals in a dignified and supportive manner. All techniques have back up principles of body safety combination techniques and escalated use of force where necessary as a last resort.

Control and Restraint

It is extremely important for those that use control and restraint in the management of assault behaviour, to be proficient in the correct application of techniques. If controlling techniques are applied incorrectly, it can lead to a needless escalation of force or severe injury and litigation.

The Tohkon Ryu control and restraint system is based on combat proven techniques that can be effectively used by men and women of all physical capabilities, ages and strengths. The techniques in the system are easy to learn and apply, that individuals can attain a high level of proficiency within a relatively short period of time. The retention of these skills can be achieved with minimal revue and practice.

Control and Restraint

IMPORTANT: The techniques in this course are aimed to neutralize, control and discourage not to injure.