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Tohkon Ryu Ju Jitsu

Personal Safety Education & Self Defence Training 

A Tohkon Ryu Self defence course can build and install confidence and awareness. The outward projection of this elevated state of confidence and awareness is enough in many instances to prevent and de-escalate potential violent situations.

Our courses are structured with carefully designed modules that interlock to provide a total training package from confrontation management and de-escalation skills, through to defensive tactics to deal with high level life-threatening situations.

Travel Safe Self Defence   Travel Safe Self Defence

The success of these training packages comes from the teaching of a limited number of easy to learn, easy to retain, extremely effective techniques and applying these techniques to suit a large number of situations.

The techniques and strategies provided in our courses are innovative, dynamic and unequalled anywhere in Australia. They are taught in an enjoyable and interactive way and are easy to learn and retain with minimal practice.

Our instructors are professional, friendly and approachable. Our specialised course components can be specifically designed for your organisation and work environment. These courses can be delivered to individuals, groups or by corporate arrangement.

Training packages can be structured from one hour to half day or full-day participation. Training is also available on an ongoing basis at our headquarters at Suncorp stadium and other training venues. We also provide private tuition for individuals or small groups. A longer course allows training covering specific scenarios and allows subject matter to be dealt with in a more in-depth manner. Longer courses also allow more group questions to be discussed and answered.

Travel Safe Self Defence   Travel Safe Self Defence

The easy to learn and apply techniques in our training system ensures individuals can attain a high level of proficiency within a relatively short period of time. Post training refresher courses can be organised to ensure retention of these skills.

Our courses are not lecture-based; all involve hands-on training, concentrating on the physical elements of self defence training, while providing life-saving self defence advice. These courses provide tactically correct and proportionate force techniques that help protect you physically and legally.

Personal Safety Education & Self Defence Training focuses on:
• How to develop and install a personal safety package that covers home, social, work and transit environments.
•Techniques of awareness and avoidance
• How to reduce confrontational stress.
• How to set verbal and physical boundaries.
• How to use personal space defensively.
• How to use body language in conflict de-escalation.
• How to use body language to avoid victim selection.
 • Using your hands and voice as a barrier. 

Wall Defence

Wall Defence

Wall Defence

Benefits of this program include :

•    Increase your confidence
•    Enhance your self-image
•    Enhance your intuition, awareness and decision-making skills.
•    Speed up your reflexes and reaction time
•    Reaction time training relates to many other areas than self-defence, for example, defensive driving.
•    Heighten your focus and concentration
•    Be able to recognise and react to potential danger signals
•    Learn how to protect yourself and others
•    Learn lifelong and life saving skills.
•    Powers of observation and decision-making are enhanced.

Our training packages are based on your organisation /staff requirements and can be conducted at your worksite or our training facility. Your business or group could benefit greatly from our hands-on information packed training. Deciding to conduct a self-defence and personal safety course could be one of the best moves your organisation makes this year.

To organise a training session or to find out more about our courses, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . We will contact you immediately for a no-obligation and no-pressure conversation about your company's needs.

Lunchtime self-defence sessions conducted for organisations at there office or venue are proving to be very popular. These sessions are usually 45 to 60 minutes in length. There are two types of session available. Lecture style PowerPoint presentation sessions or active hands-on training sessions.