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Tohkon Ryu Ju Jitsu

Benefits of Ju Jitsu

The benefits of Ju Jitsu are hard to put down on paper. Being part of the art for a short time or a life time provides benefits that extend far beyond those of self defence, for they are useful attributes in daily life as well.

Ju Jitsu promotes the development of self control and personal discipline to help ensure that our reactions are those of defence from a well-balanced calm and reasonable person and not reactions based on aggression, anger or fear.

There are many pressures placed upon us by modern life. Tohkon Ryu Ju Jitsu training is conducted in a relaxed atmosphere where the pressures that our daily lives place upon us can be forgotten.

Acquiring knowledge, grading, performing well in the competitive arena or being able to successfully defend ourselves or others in the face of aggression are all desirable goals we may achieve with the study of Ju Jitsu.

Ju Jitsu is an art you can practice all your life not only when you are young.

Ju Jitsu Translates as:
The kanji for ”Ju”   means gentle, soft, and pliable and is pronounced ”Joo”.
 The kanji for Jutsu is   meaning art, skill or technique.
Thus Ju Jitsu   means gentle art or technique.

Ju Jitsu means “gentle art" but to the observer it certainly might not come across as looking too gentle.

Ju meaning gentle in fact relates to Ju Jitsu being flexible and pliable, able to meet the requirements of different groups and individuals. Be it police or security personnel, women's self-defence groups or primary and high school children, all can find techniques to suit their purpose in Ju Jitsu. This flexibility makes Ju Jitsu adaptable to numerous combat situation. The flexibility of Ju Jitsu is seen in the varied response options available to Ju Jitsu practitioner.

There is a story often told in martial arts circles along these lines. Only the name of the art changes with each telling.  I have in my telling made reference to Ju Jitsu.

The story is of a sensei being asked by a student "Master have you ever had to use Ju Jitsu”. The Master’s reply is as follows “Yes, many times, but since using it I have never had to fight”.

This avoidance of conflict is one of the most important attitudes that Ju Jitsu imparts to a student. Keep in mind that the ancient and true purpose of martial arts was to endeavour to preserve and protect life. The benefits that Ju Jitsu provides can be no greater than the protection of life.