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“I have personally known and trained under Sensei Haseman in his ju-jitsu system over a period of some 15 years and I have seen it develop into one of the most innovative, effective and comprehensive martial arts in Australia today incorporating a vast array of techniques and responses for all situations, both armed and unarmed.” 
BRAD BOWES – Brisbane Airport Corporation Limited

“I have known and trained under Sensei Haseman for 18+ years and have found him to be a well respected practitioner of the art of Jujitsu and someone of good moral character.

Anyone who may train for a short time or to spend most of their lives training under Sensei Haseman such as I, can only benefit from his insight, wisdom and positive nature.

He provides each of his students (friends) quality time and a caring approach. We can only hope to have more role models such as Sensei Mark Haseman to help direct and shape the minds of our children and young adults.

I thank you Sensei for the honour of knowing you and sharing these fine attributes to me and others.” 
SAM KOCH – Correctional Officer, Borallon Correction Centre

“Mark’s depth of experience and knowledge has been clearly demonstrated in the areas of confrontation management, use of force accountability and personal safety.” 
TROY ITTENSOHN – Borallon Correctional Centre

“Mark is an accomplished instructor with charisma and presence to match. In seminars across the country, often to rapturous applause, he captures the imagination of all present regardless of ability or level. This rare quality can prove the difference between survival and the unpleasant alternative in today’s uncertain world.” 
ADAM HOWARD – Axis Security


This avoidance of conflict is one of the most important attitudes that Ju Jitsu imparts to a student. Keep in mind that the ancient and true purpose of martial arts was to endeavour to preserve and protect life. The benefits that Ju Jitsu provides can be no greater than the protection of life.

On occasions I have been thanked for saving someone's life because I acquainted them with Ju Jitsu. For some it was physical techniques that prevented them being seriously injured or killed. For others the path offered by Ju Jitsu has led them away from a more destructive path they once followed.

Attempted rape, attempted murder, robbery and road rage are all common situations that unfortunately some Tohkon Ryu students have been faced with and fortunately effectively overcome.


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