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Tohkon Ryu Ju Jitsu

Sensei Mark Haseman,  a 7th Dan black belt, has been practicing Ju Jitsu since 1972 and is currently Vice President of the Australian Ju Jitsu Association.

Mark Haseman heads a team of qualified instructors whose areas of expertise include defensive tactics in both low and high risk attack situations, personal security strategies, victim selection awareness and avoidance skills,  confrontation and aggression management, travel safety and defensive tactics against armed and multiple aggressors. Mark conducts courses and seminars throughout Australia and overseas.

He is a senior defence consultant for C.A.R.E. Consultants (Control and Restraint Education). C.A.R.E. is a firm that specialises in aggressive person/ patient management for health organisations.

Tohkon Ryu Ju Jitsu translates as “Fighting Soul School”

I hope the “Fighting Soul” of Ju Jitsu is reflected in every class or seminar I teach a soul that expresses both the principles of water and Ju. Gentle as the stream when teaching children and avoiding conflict but powerful as the waterfall and as determined as the tide when ever the necessity of defence of ourselves or others may arise. These are the qualities of the “Fighting Soul School”.

The Tohkon Ryu Ju Jitsu System’s core techniques are combat effective, battlefield proven ones that reflect the soul of Ju Jitsu. They have not been watered down or modified by competition rules. Our defence techniques are designed for realistic combat.
Our sports Ju Jitsu techniques include those techniques passed down from traditional masters and hopefully still contain the soul of those from whom they came.

The Tohkon Ryu Ju Jitsu System was created to provide my students with a system of self-defence that was effective and related to present- day situations, such as against attacks by multiple aggressors, glassing attacks, road rage incidents, child abduction, workplace and playground bullying, rapes, robberies and bashings that occur daily in our society.

Tohkon Ryu Ju Jitsu offers a balance in training, between soft and hard techniques, self-defence and sport techniques. In the spirit of Ju the arsenal of techniques is backed up by a friendly relaxed training environment. Tohkon Ryu Ju Jitsu's flexibility can be seen in the delicate balance between attack and defence, the use of physical and internal energy, and the teaching of a good balance of sport, self-defence techniques and the science/ art of Ju Jitsu. A core component of Tohkon Ryu Ju Jitsu is reality-based training using traditional techniques.


Mark Haseman's tournament experience includes:
1975 Australian Ju Jitsu Open Champion
1975-1981 Australain Ju Jitsu Heavy Weight Champion.
1976 South Pacific Ju Jitsu Titles, Silver Medal.
1979, 1981, 1983 South Pacific Ju Jitsu Titles, Gold Medal.
1979 Fighting Arts Spectacular Grand Champion.
1988-1990 A.J.J.A National Tournament Director
1998 Blitz Hall of Fame Ju Jitsu Instructor of the year.
2000 Awarded Commonwealth of Australia Ministerial Sports Encouragement Award
2007 Awarded 7th Dan Black Belt


World Ju Jitsu Federation Instructor
Australian Ju Jitsu Association Instructor
Vice President of the Australian Ju Jitsu Association
State Director of Coaching for Ju Jitsu in Queensland
National Martial Arts League Team Coach
Australian Ju Jitsu Association National Tournament Director
Qld State Ju Jitsu Team Coach
National Ju Jitsu Team Coach
Principal Instructor and Founder of Tohkon Ryu Ju Jitsu (Founded in 1994)
Principal Instructor for the QLD Ju Jitsu and Self Defence Association
Instructor at Inala P.C.Y.C (1979 – 1985)
Chief Instructor at Ipswich P.C.Y.C (1978 – Present)
Chief Instructor at Lang Park P.C.Y.C (1978 – Present)


Control and Restraint and Defensive Tactics Instructor for AXIS Security
Senior Self Defence Consultant for C.A.R.E Consultants (Control And Restraint Education)
Chief Instructor at Ipswich P.C.Y.C (1978 – Present)
Chief Instructor at Lang Park P.C.Y.C (1978 – Present)

Also teaching self defence for a number of schools, Corporations and Organisations.

Our instructor’s qualifications include:

Certificate IV Workplace Assessors & Trainers
Certificate III Sports Coaching
Self Defence Instructors (ANTA SRS30303)
Black Belts (up to 7th Dan)
Blue Card holders (Suitability cards accredited by the Commission  for Children and Young People)